The purpose of this policy is to govern the disclosure of material information to analysts, shareholders and potential investors in a manner designated to provide broad non-exclusionary distribution of information.

Policy guidelines

Investor Relations policy:


Prohibits the selective disclosure of material, non-public information about the company

Sets forth procedures designated to prevent such disclosures

Provides for the distribution of material information.

The company will communicate with its investors and analysts through meetings such as the Annual General Meeting of shareholders and through the investor relations section on the website www.alghazitractors.com. Furthermore, the company publishes annual report and quarterly reports.

Annual / quarterly Earnings and Closed Period

The company will release earnings information on quarterly basis to the stock exchange soon after the financial statements are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors, at a date to be announced publicly and will be posted on the company’s website.

The company expects to observe a closed period at the time of finalizing quarterly / annual earnings to prevent information leaks and to maintain disclosure fairness. During this period the company will refrain from answering inquiries about the company’s financial performance and related matters.

Contact Person

The CFO or the Company Secretary will be the primary contact person on behalf of the company.

Market Rumors

The company does have a duty to monitor and respond to market rumors unless such rumors can be attributed to the company or the stock exchanges request such a disclosure.