Health & Safety

The Board has formed a management’s Health and Safety Committee which works to ensure health, safety and security of all its employees as well as the society.

From production of products which can be used "safely" by the customers, Health and Safety Policy covers an action plan for;

  • occupational safety,
  • occupational illness,
  • conforming to labour laws for physical and psychological health of employees,
  • friendly working hours,
  • provision of comprehensive insurance to all,
  • hospital facilities at the plant

  • ambulance service,
  • provision of clean water through filtration plants,
  • recreation facilities at the staff town
  • firefighting,
  • demarcation of emergency exists
  • twenty four hours security for the plant and residents of the staff town.

Firefighting, bomb disposal, first aid, Emergency Quick Response drills as routine.

There is also stress on spiritual health with a well maintained mosque and facilities of performi​ng Haj and Umra through the CBA Agreement.

A health and Safety Manual has been drawn up for counseling.