CEO's Message

Incorporated in June 1983, privatized in December 1991, Al-Ghazi Tractors Limited, the subsidiary company of Al-Futtaim group of Dubai, is a story of rollicking success. With consistent corporate achievements, the company is recognized for corporate excellence and "Best Corporate Performance".

With its head office in Karachi, the AGTL plant at Dera Ghazi Khan, some 700 kms away from Karachi, manufactures New Holland (Fiat) tractors in technical collaboration with CNH - Case New Holland, the Number One manufacturer of agricultural tractors in the world. The AGTL plant, an icon of engineering dynamics operates on high efficiency. With Quality Control and Quality Assurance, quality improvement systems exist at every level. One of our mission statement reads: "Our most enduring competitive edge is the quality of tractors". Robust and sturdy, the company's products of 55, 65, 75 and 85 HP, carry a local content of 92% - the highest in the country.

Monitoring the efficiency and effectiveness of each production process is the key to our success. Effort is made to make each process efficient to drive down the cost per tractor. Competent material and plant utilization has resulted in the company's core strategy of being the lowest cost producer of quality products. AGTL's produced tractors in all hp ranges are therefore the cheapest quality tractors in the whole world.

Documentation of the entire manufacturing process and improved quality measurement being our priority, Al-Ghazi was the first automobile company in Pakistan to earn the ISO-9000 certification. With yearly audits the company is now registered for ISO-9001:2000 upto December 30, 2016.

Al-Ghazi Tractors Limited was also the first automobile company in Pakistan to introduce a high profile ERP solution to put the IT process in full circle. Commissioned in January 2002, this complete ERP thus inter-links all processes and supports company's wider strategic objectives.

AGTL products being a household name with the farmer community, our product profile reflects consumer needs. Price and convenience being the customer's first priority the company's objectives include: focus on all target markets and focus on customers. As many dealers in every nook and cranny of the country, and over 3000 mechanical workshops dot the country to work as customer care centers.

AGTL name is synonymous with stability, brand strength, customer loyalty and profitability. The Top Stock of the automobile industry of Pakistan with market capitalization of almost fifty times, dividends tell our real story. To the shareholders we give returns which are almost un-matched in Pakistan's corporate world.

At AGTL we believe that effective individuals make a difference; effective teams make a business. Of all the things that we have built the most admired is our teamwork. AGTL's human talent does not depreciate with time. AGTL workers are happy workers. AGTL values the stake holders, customers, employees and the investors. The management works to ensure that all supply chain associates, dealers, shareholders and employees share in the company's growth and prosperity.

Al-Futtaim's flagship in Pakistan with over 94% foreign shareholding, Al-Ghazi Tractors Limited is a text book example of good corporate governance, conforming to all of the Corporate Governance Reforms promulgated by the government.

AGTL's long list of accolades received year after year include Top Companies Award of the Karachi Stock Exchange, Corporate Excellence Award of the Management Association of Pakistan, Best Presented Annual Report Awards of ICAP, Best Calendar Awards of NCCA, Excellence Award on Human Resources and Industrial Relations and Excellence Award in Productivity from the Employer's Federation of Pakistan.

AGTL's Vision Statement is categoric: "To make AGTL a symbol of success." This sets the direction as well as the destination in sight and each of the employee lives to achieve the company's Mission.