AGTL integrates environmental responsibility into corporate decision making. It is also a part of our agreement with CBA. The Board has created an Environmental Committee of the management whose reports are placed before the board for perusal.

The plant and the staff town of the company at Dera Ghazi Khan are an oasis in the desert. By way of environmental responsibility, our policy guideline is as follows.

  • Management and labour promote pollution control and prevention through collective bargaining agreement.
  • With good housekeeping we apply practical, low cost steps to improve storage and handling of materials, lighting and work station design thus reducing waster through damage or lost goods and less risk to health and safety of workers.
  • We protect our workers against are and noise pollution by providing personal protection equipment.
  • We eliminate work-force hazards such as poor working ventilation, indoor pollution, poor lighting, etc.
  • We have discarded the use of all lead based paints.
  • We provide clean water to workers and to their homes by installing UV filters on water outlets.
  • Our staff town conforms to safe, sound, and sanitary standards.
  • We sell waste products like wood and scrap metal that other industries recycle as raw materials.
  • We have set up a water recycling plant to treat sewerage.
  • We boast of heavy investment in horticulture which has stopped the march of the dessert.