Front-End Loader

Multi-purpose rugged & powerful machine for loading stone,brick crush, garbage, sand, grains etc. Hydraulic operated, quick attachable & de-attach at front of tractor. Different models available with lifting capacity varying from 750kg to 2000kg depending upon the tractor. Earth digging bucket with replacement teeth.2 Double acting rams for lifting& 2 double acting ram for bucket tilting. Lift rams & bucket rams with imported honed steel tube & chrome plated shafts II-spool, mono-block double actions control valve with adjustable relief valve. Different models available like independent Hydraulic Pump, oil reserve tank, counter weight box and canopy of tractor.


Bucket 60"~66"
Lifting Height Max 132"
Cylinder 4( 60mmx40mm)
Control Valve 2 Spool Valve, 45 Liters
Hose Pipe 6000 PSI Double Breaded
Sleeve Steel Tube Honed
Rod Hard Chromed Carbon
Steel seal "V" Type